Madden 2009 Franchise Mode

New year, same glitches.  So fans of this blog and of EA Sport’s Madden franchise (in particular on the Xbox 360) will know that Madden NFL 2008 was basically a release which no one in their right mind would have enjoyed given the heinous defects encountered – especially in franchise mode.

Well, after a couple of bug-free seasons, it looks like similar defects are in Madden NFL 2009.  I’ve encountered a bad hybrid of the pre season lockup (where SuperSim + save is required to continue).  The better (or worse) defect seems to be the random lockup or freeze when returning from game menus – e.g. at half time or after finishing a game.


You would think that EA Sports might have spent a little bit more money in testing and bullet proofing this years’ release, right?  I think it is almost criminally negligent to release a game of Madden’s pedigree with existing, known and highly visible defects which plagued the previous release. 

Given that precious little was added to Madden 09, you would be excused from thinking that bug fixes might have been on the cards – but evidently no.

EA Sports: Worst Games Developer of the Year 2007-2009.

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