Phone Brokee

Well, it’s a damn good thing I’m not ET – ’cause for a while there I couldn’t phone home.
Three weeks ago I broke my mobile phone – iMate Jamin – when (encased in the protective thingy) it careened off my belt to land face first on the floor of the carpark – shattering the display (see pic).
Last week the replacement came in – bought at auction off
I’ve been trying to avoid HP, but now I’ve landed an old hw6515 Messenger (see pic) – Windows Mobile 2003 SE – Phone/GPS device.  The GPS was the clincher for me.  Even if later, I buy a new (Windows Mobile 6) device the new (old) HP can be used with TomTom for GPS navigation as it will operate without a SIM card.
To recap – it was about AU $660 for the device, plus TomTom maps.  The thing has twin SD/MiniSD slots so the TomTom maps go into the miniSD leaving the SD slot free for my 4GB SD card.  The OS is – I think – a little faster than WM5 but I do miss the more modern look and feel.
The device is Vista compliant (happy) and I’ve had ZERO issues syncing it or copying data to the device.  In fact it’s been a dream.  The GPS is a little painful at times, but since I don’t have a GPRS plan updating the GPS location data requires manually connecting to a computer and downloading via the sync.  The screen is nice and big, it’s a PDA Phone which means touch sensitive and the screen protector might prevent the past fate of my last phone.
Still, it’s BIG and burdensome at times, but I’m getting used to it.  It’ll tie me over until later in the next financial year when I might consider moving to a proper 3G phone and handset.
Comments?  Questions?  Challenge me!

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