TomTom Maps and crappy production QA

So, this is more of a rant than a feature posting.
At 7:32 PM on Monday 28th May 2007 I posted a support question to the website through an account which was mandatory (to be created) as part of filing a support "question".
Basically, I bought a HP hw6515 from last Monday and it arrived this afternoon.  Imagine my shock when I opened the TomTom bundle and found the product code card as is in the attached photo.  Stunned.  Besides the SD card (which was included and contains all the maps), I’d say the product activation code is the SECOND most important thing to include in the bloody package, yet here we are.
To say I’m unimpressed is an understatement.  Now *I* the honest consumer must wade through the pleasurable steps of proving I bought the bundle, wonderful, and wait until someone gets around to eventually giving me a code.
I’ve deliberately avoided posting this entry to give TomTom a fair chance to get back to me within the advertised one business day (which should be by tomorrow evening).  It’ll be a credit to them if they do.  I’ve sent them the same photo as attached, and no doubt will need to also send a copy of the original invoice.  If it goes to HP then I’m screwed because Hewlett Packard have THE WORST customer support known to man.
Let the waiting commence.. so far nothing from TomTom, so their "we’ll get back to you in 24 hours is a bit laughable".  Great way to engage a customer.

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