Where’s the beef?

Hi all,  so you might be wondering where my blog posts have disappeared to..

I’ve been commuting weekly to Melbourne to project manage a team in our Melbourne office and, as such, have been too busy to contemplate posts. 

Hopefully as the team grows and the practices and processes mature I’ll have more time to complete a few posts.

Traveling mid week is an interesting habit to get into.  For one thing, the week disappears faster than you can blink – it’s almost Christmas!  Secondly, it’s interesting especially if you vary your accommodation options. 

For example, I’ve been staying in different hotels per trip (at this stage, 2 hotels in the CBD and one in the suburbs) and each has had its advantages and drawbacks.

Anyhow, I promise more technical posts are coming!  Some more non-technical posts too.  I found out some interesting facts about air travel (the why of airline announcements, for example) and there are some interesting project management ‘nuggets’ of truth to share.

Until next post.. /R

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