Work choices, other factors in the election

Well, It’s done and dusted – Kevin 07 has won victory in what many thought would have been a landslide.

Now, Australia has a Labor government at the federal as well as at each state level.  Evidently NSW voters were not swayed by the poor history of ineptitude in their state government.

Anyhow, so begins the Rudd era.  I must admit he is better than Mark Latham, but not half as much fun as Kim Beazley.

Many whom I’ve talked with blamed Work Choices and the formidable Industrial Relations changes for the massive swing.  Personally, I think it was a nation ready for change regardless.

What can we expect from our new government?  We will have to wait until after July 2008 when Labor has a less hostile Senate to deal with.

Speaking of: another interesting election outcome.. After July 2008 the Australian Democrats will hold no seats in federal parliament – who’s gonna ‘keep the bastards honest’?  Ironic given the founder of the Democrats passed away not long ago (see link).

Lastly, farewell to Honest John.  He lost his seat of Bennelong to Labor candidate (and former ABC talking head) Maxine McKew.  He retires as the second longest serving Prime Minister in Australian history.

What will the Chaser’s do now?

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