Blog now over 6k visits

Hello to all.. 
I’ve been maintaining the blog here at live spaces for just over a year now, and last month the blog hit 6,000 unique visitors.
Not a bad run..  As we head into the Christmas stretch (look out, just over a month until the silly season) I’ll try and pump out some entries on Visual Studio 2008 (RTM) and Team Foundation Server as well as musings on SQL Server 2008.
Of course next week you can expect a fun post-election rant as well as the usual stuff.
On that note.. The election is this Saturday.  Both major parties have outdone themselves this election, vying for your vote.
Regular readers may have noticed a general absence of politically-stained blog entries…  This has been no coincidence.
All I have to say with regard to the election is thus:
Voting in change for change’s sake is never a good enough reason.
If you feel the current government isn’t doing a good enough job, or if you feel that Labor would do a better job governing, then let your conscience do the voting. 
If you believe the federal government has done an okay job, but think they’ve been in power too long, you might want to consider additional reasoning.
Change for change’s sake is a risky proposition.  In that reasoning, the opposition party needs to do very little to win, and can more or less govern with free will.
Later, when the dust settles, you might wonder why you gave your vote away so easily.

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