About the ADO.Net Entity Framework

Hi all.  So, if you haven’t heard about the new ADO.Net Entity Framework..

Well, you soon will!


Here is a link to Microsoft’s official overview of ADO.Net EF (may be a little out of synch since this was  published in 2006). 

Here’s another blogger’s perspective, comparing LINQ to SQL and the ADO.Net Entity Framework.


Now, I know you want to play with ADO.Net EF, so here are some links to the packages. 

You’ll need a copy of the .Net Framework 3.5 (if you don’t have it already) – linked here

Note: If you have Visual Studio 2008 installed (and I know you do!) then you’ll be fine – no need to reinstall it or anything like that.


We have some Tools for ADO.Net EF (Dec 07 CTP) located here and the Beta 3 of the ADO.Net EF can be found at this location.


Later, I’m going to post some samples as I want to explore the usefulness of ADO.Net EF and compare it to LINQ to SQL.  From my understanding, ADO.Net is built upon LINQ but offers some fundamentally better functionality such as inheritance.  We’ll explore some of the design concepts supported by ADO.Net also, in due course.




P.S – Thanks to all who subscribe or read this blog on a regular basis, we just cracked over 8,000 hits since October, 2006!


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