Where have I been?

Hi all.  So I know that I haven’t updated the blog since last Monday. 
No, it wasn’t a case of pouting over Green Bay’s inexplicable loss at home to the New York Giants (although it still stings). 
We just celebrated a national holiday in Australia – Australia Day – which commerates the landing of Arthur Phillip in Sydney Cove way back in 1788.  To make use of the long weekend, the wife and I and a couple of friends went up to the Hunter Valley region for a weekend of wine tasting.
It was a fruitful (ignore the pun) trip, and we stocked up on wine (with reference to our pending relocation to QLD).  One bottle in particular was blog-worthy: the 1996 vintage Brokenwood HBA Shiraz which was written about in The Australian in an article here.
I’m not sure when we will open and drink it, but I’m sure it will be quite nice. 

We had an interesting day on Sunday, we visited and sampled wines from ten different wineries including Scarborough (Pokolbin), Vindon Estate (Pokolbin), Peacock Hill (Pokolbin), Emma’s Cottage (Lovedale), Sandlyn (Lovedale), Tatler (Lovedale), Capercaillie (Lovedale) and some big time players – Brokenwood (Pokolbin), Pepper Tree (Pokolbin) and Tempus Two/Roche (Pokolbin).

I’m not sure how much we spent, but I’m sure we added almost two cases to the already growing collection.


This week I’m going to try and focus on some more technical posts.  Yes, you’ve heard that before, I know.  It’s actually quite tough to find the proper time to sit down and churn out a couple of decent posts.  I’ll see what interesting bits I can clean up and post.  In the meantime, let’s say a fond farewell to January, 2008.. Wow, time is flying by!


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