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Hi Everyone,

Over the past week I’ve been putting together a new site to practice honing those ASP/.Net 3.5 Skills.  It’s a revamp of the Aussie Wine Guy web site, and I’ve chosen Viux [] as the host provider for the new site.

Aussie Wine Guy

The pricing is pretty good, and I’ve had very few (if any) issues in setting up or configuring everything.  Amongst other things, you can obtain Terminal Services access which is simply a godsend.

So stay tuned for further examples of SQL Server,, ADO Entity Framework and the .Net Framework 3.5 (SP 1).  There’s also another entry in the SQL Data Services series of articles coming soon – if you want additional details just send me an email to my gmail address.

Also, while I think of it – [Bonus Entry] if anyone is studying or preparing to sit exams for certification, the folks at uCertify are offering a 10% discount on their entire range of kits.  They’ve got a kit for SQL Server 2008 which is also available as a free trial (just click on the free trial link).  Just use the discount code ‘ROBSAN’ for the discount.  I’ve previously reviewed the kits and found them quite useful.

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