The cost of perception

Sometimes in your life you have challenging, stressful and hurtful days, but somehow get through them.  They can be learning exercises for oh so many wrong reasons.

These are the times you really want to crawl away and hide until no one notices you.  Something happens in those times and they are called ‘errors of judgement’ or mistakes.

It’s not always catastrophic.  However, you do beat up on yourself for the circumstances.  Finding the strength to pick yourself up again and soldier on is something I think we inherently try to do – it’s the driving force which makes us human, after all.

Eventually you realise that all the world’s a stage and that it’s okay to be introspective.

Find the time to stop and smell the roses; remember to be thankful for the good, the small and the simple things such as a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day, a helping hand when you need to be helped up or perhaps just a pat on the back for trying to do something good.

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