On Being Community Leaders

So there’s been some recent controversy towards Microsoft Australian and Readify which I’d like to address.  The shame of it is that I think the sentiment is misguided. 

Microsoft Tech.Ed (Australia) happens to highlight Readify’s contribution to the Microsoft development community in Australia – mostly by the number of Readify consultants who contribute personally to Tech.Ed and other Microsoft events.

Now, most Readify personnel volunteer or are asked to make contributions to community events and Microsoft events (like Tech.Ed) and I might add that this is normally between the individual and Microsoft (not between two companies). 

Readify happens to pay for the majority of its consultants to attend Tech.Ed (except those presenting).  In fact, if you take a look at your local user group(s), you’ll likely find Readify staff in the audience or up front presenting.

In fact, the company has a very positive attitude towards employee-community interaction, sometimes to the chagrin of those trying to manage schedules and work orders!

That’s all I have to say about this recent controversy. 

To those who share "Nick"’s sentiment.. I urge you to step up and get involved in the local development community (if you haven’t already).  Readify doesn’t hold a monopoly on community participation and we enjoying working side by side with other Microsoft practitioners.

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