Merry Christmas, Internet

G’day Everyone,

My wife and I are about to head off into the Christmas holidays with our family and friends.  2008 has been a very challenging and engaging year.  From my perspective, it has been a combination of equal highs and lows.  This year we relocated from Sydney to Brisbane, and have been enjoying the south Queensland summer (storms included).

There have been so many new memories made this year, new friends and acquaintances met and new business engagements successfully completed.  We enter 2009 with a number of unknown variables but, like it or not, our path forward is unwritten and I’m sure there are plenty of surprises awaiting us.

A sincere thanks to everyone who helped us this year.  2008 proved to be a larger challenge than many of the other years, and has left us with more questions than answers.

Enjoy a merry Christmas and we hope you have a safe and prosperous new year.


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