Taking the show on the road


Well, I realise that I had a little time off between the end of September and the start of October, but it wasn’t enough.  Next week I’ll be away for almost three weeks which will bring us well into the holiday season.

There are a few loose ends I want to tie off before the end of 2010 – a revisit to the Windows Workflow Foundation rules engine, a few more C# tips and tricks and a start on a new concept I’m playing with which I’ll unveil once I’ve returned.

In the meantime, please take this opportunity to check out the archives, there are some (IMHO) good articles on SQL Azure, the Entity Framework and LINQ to SQL.  As always, if you wish to get in touch please leave a comment (all comments are moderated on the site) or fire me an email rob.sanders@gmail.com.  Note: I may not reply until mid-December unless you need an urgent reply.



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