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Hi all.  So here’s a quick update.
Tomorrow I’m heading back to Brisbane to scout out some more properties to rent.
However, I’m back in Sydney on Thursday because of a phone call I received this afternoon.
In a nutshell, on Thursday at 4pm I’m undergoing a corneal graft.  I’ve had this transplant/procedure done before on my left eye (in 2001).
In other words, I know what to expect the second time around!
I’ll be in the Sydney Eye Hospital overnight and hopefully back home recouperating on Friday.  Last timne it took about a week and a half before I was close to fully functional.  Hopefully it’ll be easier this time (fingers crossed).
This might mean fewer posts (since I will not be able to see from either eye for at least two days) so expect outages from your RSS feeder!
Wish me luck…

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