An open letter to companies outsourcing to China 2

Hi There!

This is an open letter advertising my services to large companies, predominantly using Microsoft technologies, who are outsourcing work to the China or Asian region.  My wife and I are based currently in HangZhou, Zhejiang province, about 40 minutes from Shanghai.

I’m primarily a data architect, however I have project experience in project and application lifecycle management, quality assurance and product delivery for medium and large enterprise solutions.  I’d be an excellent resource for managing and maintaining projects which are being developed in China or within the Asia-Pacific region.

Our visas are currently set to expire next month, but we are able to locate internationally, although within the region would be most preferable.

If you are looking for a proven experienced IT professional with a background in IT consulting and large products centered on Microsoft technology, please get in touch today.

About Rob Sanders

IT Professional and TOGAF 9 certified Enterprise Architect with nearly two decades of industry experience, 18 years in commercial software development and 11 years in IT consulting. Check out the "About Rob" page for more information.

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2 thoughts on “An open letter to companies outsourcing to China

    • Rob

      I do speak Mandarin, probably equivalent to a primary school level after private tutoring last year.
      Unfortunately, we’re returning to Australia next week as there has been little opportunity in China, and what is available is at local rates.