Vote 2.0: Unfinished Drafts

Well, how my blog writing process goes (yes, there is actually a process) is that I typically think of something to write about – and then I’ll post a draft to the blog.  This can happen almost any time of the day or night.

What basically ends up happening, is that I end up with a few unfinished drafts – sometimes they are half thoughts or musings (which might explain some of the past posts).

So I have a number of unfinished drafts at the moment, and I’m not sure which ones I will complete and post.  Without giving you any additional information about them, here’s a list of the unfinished drafts:


Admittedly, the names need reworking (part of the refinement process) but hopefully you can guess the intention of the entries.  Things like ‘[Mini Project]’ you’ll have to treat as a grab bag (mystery post).

Now, you get to vote!

Either e-mail me at: or add a comment below. 

Just tell me which of the drafts you’d like to read about (or perhaps even suggest an entry you’d like to see – within reason).

Let me know of the four which you’d like to see finished and posted.  I await your feedback!

As usual, please read my liability waiver with regard to post quality and sanity (or the lack of guarantee of either).

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