Vote!: US President

My folks are visiting Washington DC this week, so I started musing about US Presidents.  This is timely, given that it’s an election year.

So, I was thinking, of the choices listed below who would you (hypothetically) vote for if an election was called today, assuming the people below were able to be elected, and assuming you were eligible to vote in the United States (I’m encouraging non-US citizens to respond)?

1. Hillary Clinton               (Democrat Senator, New York)
2. George W Bush             (Republican, Incumbent President)
3. Barack Obama              (Democratic Nominee)
4. John McCain                 (Republican Nominee)
5. Jebediah ‘Jeb’ Bartlett*  (Democrat)
6. Arnold Vinick**             (Republican)
7. Al Gore***                   (Democrat, Former Vice President)
8. Bill Clinton                    (Former Democrat President)
9. Arnold Schwarzenegger (Republican, Governor of California)
10. Other [Specify]

Add a comment below to register your vote today!  Hurry, the voting centers are closing soon 🙂  In the spirit of the US, voting is not compulsory!

*   Martin Sheen’s fictitious President in the TV show, “The West Wing
** Alan Alda’s fictitious Presidential nominee in the TV show “The West Wing
*** As seen on “The Simpsons” ROFL!

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