Who’s Going to TechEd?

Hi Everyone,

Given that (Microsoft’s) TechEd 2008 is a little over a month away now, I thought I might find out who is planning on attending in Sydney this year?  Last year I didn’t think about it until the week before TechEd.

This year, I’m thinking it would be a good idea to throw a pre- or post- TechEd drinks somewhere in the city for those who are attending/would like to attend/don’t care but like to drink.

I have a few ideas on location.  Having lived in Sydney for the better part of eight years, including two and a half in Pyrmont, there’s a few CBD locations I’ve frequented over the years which may be suitable venues.

Email me at rob.sanders@gmail.com (Subject: ‘TechEd Drinks’) if you’re interested in getting the details should I manage to put together something. 

Added bonus news: Web site which helps you convert a Windows Server 2008 install into a workstation – including how to get the look and feel of Vista without Vista.  That’s a free plug 🙂  I’m using Windows Server 2008 as a Workstation and it’s been brilliant.

Cheers, R

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