Wreck of the HMAS Sydney found!

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself – I had to post about this. 

It was declared today that the HMAS Sydney – long since missing after it was assumed she was sunk off the coast of Western Australia during World War II – has been discovered.

This is a 66-year old mystery and has had dedicated teams working for years trying to chart a very, very expansive area of ocean to locate the wreckage.  The Sydney was lost with all hands (no survivors) and represented one in a number of losses during the war.

This is a very significant find and my thoughts go out to the many families of those who perished when the Sydney sank.  Hopefully this find will bring some closure to those people.

In honour of this occasion, I’ve added a new post category, ‘Zany History’ for all future historical (history related) entries.


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