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Well hello there.  Today I had a funny notion, wanting to determine just how long I’ve been writing technical blog articles.

Don’t ask me why, I just became curious.  So I had a look at my earliest entry – 17 October 2006.

Well, you might think this is old enough – but then take into account that I actually wrote a separate blog – which is still live!

The earliest article there dates back to the 11th of February, 2005 when I was living in Vancouver, Canada.

Ergo, Saturday, 28/04/2012 – Friday, 11/02/2005 means I’ve been writing or publishing technical articles for:

7 Years, 2 Months and 17 Days or.. 2633 total days since the first post until now.

Some interesting facts about February, 2005:

  • Windows XP was the main Operating System from Microsoft
  • Visual Studio 2005 was in beta
  • Team Foundation Server 2005 (v1.0) hadn’t been released (even in Beta)
  • Windows Vista was codenamed “Longhorn” and barely near developer preview
  • My laptop was a Dell Inspiron XPS (Gen 1) with a Pentium IV processor and 4 MB of RAM
    • Weighed 10 lbs
    • My first laptop with DVI output
    • Still have it – and is being used today!
  • .NET Framework 2.0 had not yet been released
  • Bill Gates was the head man at Microsoft
  • Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox weren’t even on the radar
  • No iPhone or iPad, only iPod

To leave you with one final take-away:


Windows Vista Pre-release Installer Screen *shudder*

C/-September 04, 2005.

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