Zany History

We just wound up another January 26th in the fair country of Australia.  A public holiday for all, as the nation remembers and celebrates the landing of British sailers of the First Fleet who landed at Sydney cove on this same date, back in 1788. There’s been talk of changing […]

Happy Birthday(?) Australia

After our recent sojourn home to Canberra and back, I managed to acquire a number of copies of a South Australian paper (Adelaide-based) “The Register” from between August – October 1914.  Apparently the newspaper is no longer in circulation.  Searching the National Library, I’ve found an entry for the Adelaide […]

Lucky Find: Newspapers from 1914

For your viewing pleasure, some aerial pictures of Sydney, NSW, Australia. Our first two pictures are from a northern approach- We can see Manly beach at the bottom of the first shot, with the city and North Sydney towards the top of the picture as well as the Sydney Harbour […]

Aerial Sydney

Posted recently on Slashdot, this blog entry located here [] has some really interesting pictures of WWII encryption techniques.  These appear to be legitimate (or at the minimum, possibly used for training documentation), and show how codes were encoded/decoded during the conflict. What is more interesting are the range of […]

Interesting WWII Encryption Cipher

There’s an auction coming up shortly at Christie’s according to this story from the NY times (online). Included is a copy of Nicolaus Copernicus’s book “De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium” printed in 1543 which arguably kicked off an era of thought which contravened the thinking of the day (predominantly driven my […]

Too cool!

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself – I had to post about this.  It was declared today that the HMAS Sydney – long since missing after it was assumed she was sunk off the coast of Western Australia during World War II – has been discovered. This is a 66-year old […]

Wreck of the HMAS Sydney found!