Aussie Wine Guy visits France

Sorry about the delay in posting new content here on the ‘Entertain Us’ Nation. 

Since we’ve been back from holidays (just over a week or so now), a lot of effort has gone into writing up details of our travels for future reflection.  This has taken a lot of time.. Far more than could have been reasonably appreciated beforehand.

A vast majority of content has been collected and collated for uploading to the (obvious plug) Aussie Wine Guy website which is going to be brimming with new content over the next few weeks.  There are (literally) thousands of photos which need to be reviewed and culled down into a more manageable (and less snore-fest inducing) numbers.  Yes, it never stops here.

I’m also a bit hesitant to write new content while Tech Ed Australia is underway, since there will be a plethora of new technical content being flung around the Interwebs now and over the next week or more.  However, there is a free SQL Server luncheon event tomorrow in Brisbane, so there’s a very good chance I’ll end up in the city and ready to report on what I learn.

Lastly, it’s strange how a house can grow into a jungle without ongoing TLC.. Last week was one for the books in terms of total hours spent clearing weeds, trees and dead vegetables.  Sitting in front of a computer, by comparison, is far more interesting. 

So stay tuned for more on BizTalk 2009 (which we will forever fondly think of as BizTalk 2006 R3), SQL Server 2008 and SQLAzure as we boldly step beyond current conventions and have a think about how Cloud Computing(tm) can be harnessed by integration services.  Food for thought.


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