Changes in Life

It’s come that time for me to start waxing lyrically about the nature of change.  For those of you who don’t know, the house my wife and I are renting has been recently sold, completing yet another unsettlingly frequent cycle in our lives – the dreaded house-sold-while-you’re-a-tenant.

This is the second property in a row (although a much less stressful sales process) which we’ve rented which has gone onto the market during our lease.  The previous two properties before that were almost put on the market, so there is a disturbing trend emerging.  We used to own our own home back in 2003/2004 before selling at the peak of the Sydney property market (with a small loss).

Now, we don’t have any word yet on what is going to happen, but it looks more or less that we’ll be moving out of the house we occupy now, probably in mid-February.  Where we go to from there is anybody’s guess.

Change is unavoidable, but tiresome.  It is times like this I truly wish I had a crystal ball so I could see that the next six-twelve months are going to be alright.

Well, in any case we’re going to have to lighten our load a little bit, so if you live in the Gold Coast region of Queensland (Australia) and are looking for some second hand furniture, please get in touch.


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