Finally – Moving is 100% Complete

Not unlike that trusty old Windows file copy dialog which never seems to quite hit 100%, moving is an ordeal which is – almost – never ending.  On the weekend we finished moving from Brisbane to our new home in the Gold Coast – approximately 30-40 minutes south on the freeway.

We have managed to unpack a great deal in the week we’ve been living here and it’s been, at times, tough going.  Luckily, I think the end is in sight.  We’ve committed a lot of time and effort to unpacking and getting things set up the right way.  The last stone to fall into place arrives on Thursday or Friday (hopefully).

The upside to all this is that I’ll have more time to write a few more technical blog posts.  There’s quite a bit of ground to cover.  The blog has been busy while I’ve been preoccupied – it’s had over 27,000 unique visits since relocating to Live Spaces in October 2006.  Hopefully I can keep those numbers ticking over with some more detailed technical posts.


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