For the Calendar: SQL Code Camp 2009

“SQL Down Under Code Camp is an annual community-driven event for SQL Server professionals. Each year, well over a hundred DBAs and Developers come together to learn from each other and to network. It is held in October at the Wagga Wagga campus of our friends at Charles Sturt University.”

Hi Guys,

This is an early reminder that SQL Code Camp (Australia) is on again (as always) this coming October (on the 10th and 11th).  If you are curious about the kind of presentations at SQL Code Camp, take a look at some of the presentations from 2008.  This year’s conference is the third annual convention.

Now that SQL Server 2008 has seen over 12 months of life we can expect to hear stories from the field including ways to take advantage of the newest functionality which SQL 2008 brings to the Enterprise.

If you are a SQL professional, a Microsoft-aligned developer or if you are studying either field – SQL Code Camp is a great way to increase your knowledge on database technology and meet fellow professionals or students and expand your horizons.

Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to October!


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