Lucky Find: Newspapers from 1914

After our recent sojourn home to Canberra and back, I managed to acquire a number of copies of a South Australian paper (Adelaide-based) “The Register” from between August – October 1914.  Apparently the newspaper is no longer in circulation.  Searching the National Library, I’ve found an entry for the Adelaide Register from 1901 – 1929. 

Edit: Apparently this paper was actually the first paper in South Australia, it was originally called the "South Australian Gazette and Colonial Register" (later shortened to just "The Register") and began circulation in the mid 1800’s (1836?).

What I acquired constitutes a number of partial copies of newspapers, usually starting from page 5 or 7 onwards, spanning about three months or so.  There is even a copy with a complete “Automotive” section. 

I’ve framed papers from August 5th and 6th (around the time in which Britain joined the war) and also put a later copy (from August 16th) in the back, left hand side.  The framed pages are separate war sections, usually on page 9 of each edition with a supplementary section found usually on page 11.

P1050884 P1050886

When I get some more time (and spend some cash on a decent scanner) I’ll upload more pictures of the papers.  They are simply amazing, especially some of the advertisements, and content which speaks to this period of history (things like photos of Zeppelins and extremely early cars).

There are great photos of battleships, maps of Europe and such.  Simply amazing.


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