Windows 7 Development Edition not on the cards

Well, I’ve lamented for about ten years about the lack of a clear development OS platform for software developers, testers and related folk.  It seems Microsoft don’t plan on any changes in that regard with the next OS – Windows 7.

This (1) little press release – a Q&A with Windows Chief Mike Ybarra pretty much sums up the plans for Windows 7 packaging.  Unfortunately it sounds all too familiar. 

With all the (fairly recent) new development being put into Visual Studio Team System and the fairly blatant targeting of development tools as a nice source of revenue (yes, the changes made to MSDN a few years ago being a primary example) I don’t think it’s unfair to speculate on a version of Windows specifically made for development of software (and integration with Development Software).

Most of the recent versions of Windows (non-Server editions) fail to meet the needs of a developer to create enterprise quality software on their local operating system such as limitations placed on local IIS servers (Win XP Pro limited IIS to a maximum of one active web site) and restrictions on (4) TCP/IP connections to name just a couple.

Most notably, only Windows Server 2008 x64 Edition can run Hyper-V – the next generation of virtualization software from Microsoft.

For more information, the team site is located (2) here.  In related news, the folks at Ars Technica took a stab at (3) guessing the new editions of Windows 7 late last year.

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