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Hello everyone,

Well, I’m back from holidays and about to get my teeth stuck into some more interesting technology.  For the next week, I’ve decided to focus on a concept involving the serving of static (cachable) content – typically straight HTML – combined with AJAX and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services using a RESFTful approach.  So far everything has gone according to plan.

WCF has some exciting built-in support for directing REST requests to web service methods and handling formatting both in and outbound.  Combined with some AJAX based user interface, I’m hoping to be able to facilitate a very, very well performing and scalable solution using minimal resources.  As I said earlier.. time will tell.

I’ll also be toying with a few different approaches to data access, I’ll keep the details mum for now until I’ve had a chance to evaluate the performance impact of the designs I’m considering.  So stay tuned.. I know it has been quite a while since the last decent technical entry.. but something decent will be along soon enough!

While I’m putting this together.. I’m still on the hunt for a new opportunity, so if you (or someone you trust) is in the market for decent IT talent, please get in touch.  My operators are standing by.


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