Happy 50,000th view

As the author of a blog, it is some small satisfaction to see that writing entry after entry actually has some kind of purpose – in other words, it is fulfilling to know that people actually read what you’ve spent years writing about. 

Considering the “eclectic” nature of my blog entries and the fact that I rarely write about a single topic in detail, I was heartened to watch the Live Spaces statistics clock up over 50,000 views since I started the blog way back in October 2006.


Some folks might look upon this as bragging (it really isn’t intended that way), but I’d really like to express my happiness and gratitude that what I spend time on is actually receiving some attention.

At one point I felt like stopping, due to the low amount of traffic (if traffic == interest).  Obviously what I’m doing here has some relevance to the greater world wide web, and while the blog continues to be of relevance, I’ll continue to write entries.

For the record, the main things this site has received traffic from in the past six months would appear to be some combination of the following:

– Madden 2010/09/08,
– Assassin’s Creed 2,
– Entity Framework,
– LINQ to SQL (and Paging),
– Virgin (Australia) Mobile Settings
– VSTS/Team Foundation Server,

So, again, thanks for reading and I hope to continue to contribute subject matter of interest for the coming years.


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