Bonus: Tomorrow’s entry today

Hi Everyone,
Big shout out to Paul Stovell and Corneliu Tusnea who were also in attendance today at the Australian Architecture Forum in Darling Harbour (Star City casino, actually).  Greetings also to Nigel Watson and Chuck Sterling from Microsoft who (together with a number of other fine folk) ran a really great forum.
Keynote was delivered by Dr Donald Ferguson from Microsoft, who spoke about Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).  Don is a fairly understated guy combined with a quirky sense of humour – something I think we share in common perhaps..
Highlights of the day included presentations from Mr Philip Argy (on Intellectual Property as it relates to the software industry) and Mr Tom Hollander who gave an interesting seminar which covered the principles of code reuse and patterns. 
Dr Don Ferguson also held a second session relating SOA/ESB in the real world which gave the audience a chance to pose some very interesting questions to one of the most respected architects in the enterprise community – you might call that a rare treat!
I’ve compiled a bunch of notes from (mostly morning) sessions, the afternoon sessions were a bit more collaborative (round table sessions) although I did pick up on a few nuances – I’ll go into detail later on that.  Despite the notes, I’m going to decompile the forum in a separate post because I’m too tired to do it justice.  Suffice to say I enjoyed the opportunity to get out and do some good old fashioned networking and learning.
Cheers to David McGhee, Greg Willis and Derek Miller for their entertaining commentary, company and conversation!  Will see everyone in due course..

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