An anatomy of hardware failure

It’s been a tough week for me from a hardware and infrastructure perspective.

Late Thursday night, I lost one of the two desktop machines I own which still functioned. It had been on its way out for a while in theory, since somehow the CPU fan docking clamps were broken during transit in 2010.

I managed to squeeze about an extra eight months out of it this year when I was really in a tight bind (my main workstation was in storage).

Now, I find myself losing a weekend doing a massive reconfiguration of physical and virtual machines, to replace the loss.

One thing has changed; I blew away 4 260 GB Seagate drives and created a new RAID 0+1 drive. This left me with the decision of whether or not to load the OS onto it or not.

In the end, I rationalised that I might wish to upgrade the 4 disks at a later date to > 260 GB (which, in RAID 0+1, is a volume approaching 500 GB).

So the OS is installed onto a separate disk, but the RAID volume is still a great location for SQL Server database files and so on.

I’ll post some performance (i/o) statistics about read/write later on for comparison purposes. For now, I have a tonne of work to do..

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