TechEd 2012: Locknote

Lock note has begun. Frank’s back and is warming up the crowd.


A few stats about the backbone of TechEd… Some big numbers in those stats…12,000ms of cable!

2.2 TBs of data, tracked! No pr0n… Frank introduced me to Twitter, speaking of…

5 days to install and 7 hours to pull down. Over 40,000 coffees served!


Introducing Joseph Williams with the lock note. Great Texan accent, no Stetson…

Big launch, lots of excitement.


He’s in Seattle, but his heart is in Texas… cloud enabled! Themes:

Mobility, Social, Cloud, Big Data…. Most of the crowd just owned up to using their mobile devices… and social media…

Innovation… moved away from IT. IT stopped appearing innovative. We don’t have a VP of innovation… but do we innovate?


Surface devices do exist! Plus, they’re exciting… when do we get them? 😀

Work/Life balance is no longer. It’s about work/life integration; being digitally always on.

I’m still NOT checking work e-mail when I’m on holidays though!

Footprint is being reduced. Open plan workspaces… I don’t think this is new to many Australian IT companies, though I could be wrong. I hate open plans, give me an office.


Business cases for funds… rationalise. Be productive, save expenses. Talent is a scarcity. Flexibility has become a big bonus. Technology enables ways to work around inefficiencies, e.g varied hours mixed with work-from-home.

Reconfigure the CBD… Keep people from needing to travel for work ( stsy home, watch sport – Go Green Bay (NFL)).

Ah Microsoft Sydney… I worked there for over three years. Saw the old and new seating changes.

Sorry, I got caught up tweeting. We’re up to the consumerisation (note spell check says this is not a real word) of IT.

Blocking social media essentially pushes that function to personal devices. People discuss their work, IT has no control over it. IT pushes people onto private equipment.


Outback Steakhouse. Not Australian. Interesting story about Azure though.

Consumer identification in stores has more possibilities than you’d think. For one thing, identified customers may reduce theft… and it can be done today.

Cloud-to-Cloud… sounds dirty.. Jason Silva might say that clouds meeting clouds have sex maybe?

Office 2000 being run in 2012…. That’s great ROI. Excel and Access for the win.

Ze difference is in YOU. We are the giants. Please climb our shoulders. Ta.

Good speech, well done. Enjoyed that. On to the prizes.

Well, no wins for me… but there was that Helicopter ride. See ya next time.


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