Microsoft Tech Ed

Last night Microsoft’s TechEd conference kicked off the annual delegate event, this year titled ‘Hyped’.  The venue was, incidentally, at the convention centre; a slightly disappointing change from MovieWorld in 2007. As we were leaving the centre after our last session of the day, we couldn’t help but notice the […]

TechEd 2012: After Dark

Lock note has begun. Frank’s back and is warming up the crowd. A few stats about the backbone of TechEd… Some big numbers in those stats…12,000ms of cable! 2.2 TBs of data, tracked! No pr0n… Frank introduced me to Twitter, speaking of… 5 days to install and 7 hours to […]

TechEd 2012: Locknote

The Enterprise Library Integration Pack for Windows Azure from the p&p group provides some useful application blocks such as the Transient Fault Handling Application Block and the Windows Azure Scaling Application Block (WASABi). The Transient Fault Handling Application Block can make access to storage in the cloud more resilient to […]

AZR323A – Building Robust Windows Azure Applications