Domain Registration Sharks

RenewalThis evening I was going through the filing cabinet trying to lighten our trove of paperwork when I came across this old domain renewal notice from my former registrar, Melbourne IT.

Now, I suppose I had been lax in transferring the domain to a registrar with a more palatable pricing model in the past; perhaps due to laziness. 

However, when you consider that it is fairly trivial to register a .COM domain name for about USD $8/year, it’s astonishing that Melbourne IT would find it in their hearts to offer a 30% discount for a 1 year renewal at AUD $52.90!

That’s for renewing the domain more than two months before the expiry date – the non-discounted renewal fee for 1 year?  AUD $75.60.  Just to be clear – these prices were quoted last year, in 2012! 

That’s highway robbery.

To add insult to injury, I was hounded on my mobile phone during business hours by sales representatives on a frequent basis – at one stage, literally over consecutive days – in March, months before the renewal was due!  You can see why I switched to a new registrar.  Incredibly poor treatment of a (now former) long term customer.

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