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Today I arrived home to find a neat little box waiting for me from my friends at

The package had been dispatched a couple of weeks ago, and was eagerly anticipated.  It was not disappointing, either – far from it. 

Some neat inclusions awaited, including the most perfect “hacker black” toned T-Shirt with a <dev> tag right there on the front.

Also included were some interesting items including a DZone coffee mug, a  USB key, note pad and two excellent developer refcardz.  There were also some standard regulars like stickers, cards and some MVP stuff.

One of my favourites items?  A stubby/beverage holder with the words “data nerd” proudly (and accurately) emblazoned on the outside.

DZone Box DZone swag
DZone Box – Damaged, but survived     Complete box contents

The most fun inclusion?  Clearly the DZone office ICBM pack, which now grants me the limited power to launch foam missiles at unsuspecting co-workers.

DZone T-Shirt Close Up Photo
<T-Shirt>DZone</T-Shirt>                     Close up of some of the goods

Many thanks to the good people at DZone for sending out the box!  I’m strongly thinking of wearing the T-Shirt to Tim Berners-Lee’s keynote speech at the ANU on Friday morning.

DZone Refcardz
Handy Developer Refcardz

Lastly, If you haven’t visited DZone yet, it’s a great site which I (obviously) recommend highly.  Bookmark it and enjoy..

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