New Equipment: Rega RP1

Rega RP1

Time for a little “off topic” content.

Just after Christmas last year, I ponied up the cash to purchase a new turntable.  The new equipment – made in England – is the Rega RP-1 and includes the RP-1 performance pack factory fitted, and I bought the “cool grey” finish.  Because my Sony Muteki amplifier doesn’t have a Phono setting, I also bought the Rega pre-amp.

Rega RP1

As I have a fairly decent range of vinyl, I figured it was about time I upgraded the turntable.  I guess now I’ll need to think about the amplifier and speakers, but that’s a problem for another time.

Rega RP1

The reviews for this particular turntable are pretty good.  When I saw the tone arm demonstrated in-shop, I realised just what a work of art this thing is.  The arm moves almost seamlessly down onto the surface of the record, with the slightest touch.

The unit is fully manual – no auto return – but the absence of automation means Rega were able to put in a serious cartridge and drive belt.  There’s also no speed switch, to switch from 33 to 45, one must physically remove the platter and then move the belt, but it’s really simple!  Takes literally a few seconds.

Rega RP1

The unit is striking as well as performing admirably and for something under AUD $600, hard to beat at that price point. 

It takes only a few minutes to set up (it’s almost entirely plug and play) but once you get going, you’ll be astounded by how much more natural base is from your LPs, and how little (actually none) interference comes from the turntable itself.  It’s like being in the studio when an album was recorded.  Sweet.

My previous turntable has been relegated onto the desk in my office where it plays the less conditioned of my LPs.

For more info – here’s a link to the RP1’s manual.

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