Introducing a Sanders Technology App

Last month I submitted an App to the Windows App Store.  The App, Sanders Technology Digest, is a Windows 8 App which uses articles from this site and provides full screen article views, content searches and better sharing support.

The inaugural version (1.0) has now been published!  Click here to see the App on the Windows Store.  If you are running Windows 8, you can use this direct link in the App Store.

The App provides a somewhat useful amount of functionality and depending on how popular it is, I’ll consider putting more effort into extending the app to establish deeper functionality.  Here are some screen shots of the new app!

 main-page_thumb share-mail_thumb
Main application / Share view

article-view_thumb category-view_thumb
Article view / Category view

Content search

I’ll be posting another article with an overview to the App submission process, including copious amounts of screenshots. 

The App is now live, and it’s free, so please download!


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