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Where’s new content?

I’d love to say that I’ve written lengthy articles and that they’ve been corrupted or dropped somehow, but the unfortunate answer is that  I’ve been far more time poor this last year or so and it’s been harder to devote some meaningful time to professional development and writing.  That’s not to say that I haven’t been writing period – but it’s targeted and work-focused and for various reasons it isn’t appropriate for me to share any of that content here.

What can you expect from Sanders Technology moving forward?

To be honest, I haven’t really recovered from losing my original domain name – one I’d held for well over a decade.  The traffic (was between 5-10k visits per month) is in the low hundreds.  Page rank might as well be irrelevant at this stage.  It’s hard to be motivated when you can’t be sure anyone’s going to read what you devoted time to write.

At any rate, I suspect I’ll get back on the horse in due course.  There’s plenty to write about, and I’m also considering devoting some attention to non-technical content as well.  Plenty of non-technical variables impact the successful development and delivery of software, and I have over two decades of experience in amongst that kind of thing.

Looking ahead

I’m travelling next weekend to the US to do some architectural training.  There’s a high likelihood that the subject matter will be worth writing about, so stay tuned.  I’ve been accepted into the Raytheon Certified Architecture Program (RCAP) which is an accreditation recognised by The Open Group (of TOGAF fame).  I couldn’t find much online about the program, but it’s pretty impressive and I’m honoured to have been selected.

More – I have a lot of brain to dump, including notes on using Azure as a platform (Business Services, Core IT functions), new integration (SaaS, iPaaS) tools and a bunch of other random stuff.  I was going to document my process from moving off my old (and costly) US hosted VPS to this new cloud instance which is saving me a heap of money per annum.  The inclusion and use of Let’s Encrypt for the TLS certificate (with auto-renew!) is worthy of a few paragraphs.

Let’s get the traffic back

Please share articles and content from the site.  I’d like to see this stuff being used positively, and hopefully I’ll still find the time and motivation to keep writing!

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