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Author: John Hilvert Mar 23, 2012,acta-treaty-mauled-in-hearings.aspx Power to rights holders is a reason not to ratify agreement, say critics.   Academics have savaged the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) treaty over the power it affords intellectual property rights holders during a second round of joint committee hearings in Canberra.   […]

ACTA treaty mauled in hearings

Just recently I came across this enlightening piece from gizmodo [1], an op-ed from a British comedian who freely admits to consuming rich media services across a wide variety of sources (both legal and infringing).  This is exactly the type of poor end consumer experience I’ve been bemoaning for years.  […]

He makes a good case

We’re a little unclear whether (Australian) Senator Conroy hasn’t been sniffing Liquid Ink (white out) between media engagements, take for example this great quote from the weekend: [1] "When you publish a list of titles of books that are banned, or movies that are banned, you don’t give access to […]

Conroy on Conroy : You Elected Him

Although many people have said it before, we can now label Obama as nothing but a cheap suit.  Taking to office with a huge mandate for change, we’ve seen nothing but a Kevin Rudd style all-talk-no-substance approach to governance, which recently culminated with this unsurprising speech backing the ACTA, MPAA […]

President Obama the sell out

Some refreshingly good news for a change – news in that the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly against the controversial anti-copyright trade agreement (ACTA) today, 663-13.  The agreement, being debated in strict secrecy has been previously discussed on this blog and what we know if its provisions is chillingly disturbing. Countries […]

EU Parliament Rejects ACTA Provisions

#NoCleanFeedWatch this blog for more information. Background:,breaking-conroy-reveals-plans-to-censor-internet.aspxAction: Enough is enough – "only 32% of the sites on the ACMA blacklist are related to child pornography" :

Isn’t it obvious?

So today the Government’s Emissions Trading Scheme [pdf] was voted down in the Senate. Before we get into it, I’d encourage you to (if interested) take a look through the official documentation on record from Parliament.  If you’ll note, the Senate amendments look like they were aimed at driving down […]

Why the ETS was bad news for Australia

Those who have stumbled upon this blog before will be well aware of my hatred for what is brewing in the field of International copyright.  The so-called “Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement” (ACTA – summary) is bad news and it’s coming to a country near you – and soon. The recent meeting […]

ACTA is still “out there”

You have to give Australian ISP iiNet credit for participating in the first round of the Government’s increasingly unpopular web filtering trials.  In retrospect, it was the only way to evaluate the Government’s real motivation for such a draconian tactic. According to, iiNet have been quoted as leaving the […]

Web Filter Trials: iiNet Quits