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Well, folks, no sooner had I returned from a nice overseas jaunt in August, but I’m off yet again.  This time I’m off to the Asia-Pacific region to meet up with an old friend, and I won’t be back in Terra Australis until mid-November. Those of you who are interested […]

Off Again

Hi, well as per my annual ritual I’ve purchased Madden 2010.  I’ve been buying Madden on PC, PS2 and 360 since 1995 and recently I started to question whether I should continue to do so in the face of lagging game quality, copious amounts of plainly obvious bugs and a […]

Madden 2010 – A Quick Review

Q: What is SQL Code Camp? A: ““SQL Down Under Code Camp is an annual community-driven event for SQL Server professionals. Each year, well over a hundred DBAs and Developers come together to learn from each other and to network. It is held in October at the Wagga Wagga campus […]

Last Minute Reminder: SQL Code Camp 2009