Off Again

Well, folks, no sooner had I returned from a nice overseas jaunt in August, but I’m off yet again.  This time I’m off to the Asia-Pacific region to meet up with an old friend, and I won’t be back in Terra Australis until mid-November.

Those of you who are interested in my travels can check out my travel blog, where I routinely add photos and journal entries while I’m abroad.  If you don’t know where the blog is, just shoot me an email and I’ll happily forward the URI to you.

Things have been relatively quite the past few weeks (which begs the question, why have I been so slack in posting new articles?) – my sister was married in Canberra the weekend before last, and I was asked to MC her wedding reception.  As such, my wife and I were in Canberra for that week, helping to prepare and so forth.

I’m still on the hunt for a new role/job, if you have an open opportunity and it is a leadership role (I’m open to travelling and relocation) please drop me a line when you can.  Until mid-November, please travel safely.  Check back soon.

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