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Well, it’s been an unfortunate 24 hours for me, I managed to somehow cause my RAID-5 array to lose a member drive, and then the Intel Matrix software/RAID controller refused to rebuild or add a new drive to the disk set.  So basically, I lost my 700GB RAID array, and […]

Merry Christmas

#NoCleanFeedWatch this blog for more information. Background:,breaking-conroy-reveals-plans-to-censor-internet.aspxAction: Enough is enough – "only 32% of the sites on the ACMA blacklist are related to child pornography" :

Isn’t it obvious?

  December 10th, 2009: Under the rooftop of Brisbane’s Entertainment Centre last night, excited fans   were treated to not one, but two excellent bands in one evening of power rock ballads  and searing lyrics to rival the heat in South East Queensland.   On the menu this evening, guaranteed […]

Green Day : No Lip Synching Here

Well, earlier in the week I finally finished a Madden 2010 Franchise (Green Bay Packers).  Every year I play the 30 seasons (averaging one game per season) and taking care of all the offseason tasks.  Now, I present to you my summary of the Franchise experience for the latest version […]

Finished Madden 2010 Franchise Mode

Well, this is fun – this would probably be me (without glasses) as a Star Wars Lego MiniFig You can create your own Star Wars Lego MiniFig courtesy of DK Publishing who are promoting one of their recent new publications, the Star Wars Lego Visual Dictionary, which is excellently done, […]

Star Wars Lego Rob

It’s come that time for me to start waxing lyrically about the nature of change.  For those of you who don’t know, the house my wife and I are renting has been recently sold, completing yet another unsettlingly frequent cycle in our lives – the dreaded house-sold-while-you’re-a-tenant. This is the […]

Changes in Life

So today the Government’s Emissions Trading Scheme [pdf] was voted down in the Senate. Before we get into it, I’d encourage you to (if interested) take a look through the official documentation on record from Parliament.  If you’ll note, the Senate amendments look like they were aimed at driving down […]

Why the ETS was bad news for Australia

Where to begin?  If you’ve played Assassin’s Creed (the original) before and even enjoyed it a tad bit, you’ll love the sequel. Overview The sequel (Assassin’s Creed 2 – AC2), begins at the conclusion of the original (story wise) as Desmond (the character you portray in the future) is helped […]

Assassin’s Creed 2 – Review

Well, I realise that I’ve been posting a lot of non-technical entries lately, but as we get closer to Christmas, I tend to get both nostalgic and sentimental, so it is kind of apt.  Today I was musing about toys of the 1980s era (Transformers in particular) and I wondered […]

80s Memorabilia

With the amount of travelling I’ve done this year, it’s no wonder I’ve started (or resumed) reading so many books.  Typically, the normal book for me would be something technical (e.g. a Training Kit for SQL Server, for example) and for a long while I actually banned myself from reading […]

Getting back into reading (books)

Well, I’m sorry, but I can’t stay silent any longer.  I’ve been a “card carrying” Packers fan for 15 years or more and even through the Ray Rhodes debacle (disaster) I don’t think I’ve ever been as frustrated as I am now. You know we want to discuss the O-line, […]

Green Bay Packers Need Change – Urgently