Telstra to provide ADSL2+ to only approx 42% of households

In a move which represents Telstra ongoing commitment to keep Australian consumers in the technology dark ages, today it was revealed that Telstra will only enable ADSL2+ in telephone exchanges where a competitor already supplies a rival ADSL2 service.
From ‘The Australian’ news article today:

The technology, which Telstra claims will offer users an average of 10-12Mbps, has been turned on in 364 exchanges covering about 46 per cent of the population. In the other 2000-plus exchanges, Telstra is only offering seven-year-old first-generation ADSL, which offers lower average speeds of 5-7Mbps.

Telstra claims it is concerned that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission will force it to wholesale the service to its rivals in areas where there is no competing infrastructure.

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