Chaser’s War Offend.. How Original

Time for some random thoughts.
"Shot through the heart and you’re to blame, you gave sting-rays a bad name"
So the Chaser’s War on Everything (Wednesdays at 9pm, ABC TV) performed a song this week surmising that celebrities are usually more remembered for their virtues than their ills, which is fine since most people tend to be remembered for the better and not the worst.  Yet the song drummed up a bit of controversy today (shock!) and I’m left wondering why exactly it is so easy to get a rise out of people.  Even the leader of the opposition (Kevin ‘slimey’ Rudd ’07) and our venerable Prime Minister (‘little John’ Howard) went on the record about the Chaser’s (you know you’re getting famous when the leaders of parliament know your name?).
One thought that hit me was that perhaps people are now pre-disposed to reacting with outrage because it’s a product of the Chaser’s (or because they feel that they should be outraged?).  My father is particularly entrenched in this camp.  His opinion (which he has on many topics) is that they go "too far".  He doesn’t actually *watch* the show, but has already decided that they are up to no good.  Isn’t blind ignorance just as bad?  Leave a comment (unless you’re my father because he won’t be reading this anyway).

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