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Joseph Cooney, look away.
Okay, so tomorrow morning 10 AM AEST, the NFL "Grand Final" – the Superbowl kicks off.  This year pits the Indianapolis* Colts against the Chicago Bears, in South Miami.
Peyton Manning is the star Quarterback for the Colts, and this is his first time playing in the Superbowl.  Rex Grossman is the Bears’ QB and he is still relatively new in the NFL.
This game will come down to the defenses.  The Bears haven’t shown much of a knack for offense under Grossman until this year – however I think it will come down to the run game v Colts’ defense, OR how well Manning can handle one of the league’s toughest defenses.  No doubt about it, folks, this one will be an interesting game.
Both teams matchup fairly well, my only real doubt is the Colts’ defense and the Bears’ offense.  Those are my keys to victory.
* note: not Indiana, as reported in a Today/Tonight story last week

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