Green Bay Packers Need Change – Urgently

Well, I’m sorry, but I can’t stay silent any longer.  I’ve been a “card carrying” Packers fan for 15 years or more and even through the Ray Rhodes debacle (disaster) I don’t think I’ve ever been as frustrated as I am now.

You know we want to discuss the O-line, but let’s face it – it’s been degrading even since the Mike Sherman days.  The O-line: What a mess!  If there isn’t a personnel change soon on the offensive line – and I mean importing some new (better) talent – Aaron Rodgers is going to get a pasting which makes David Carr look like he only got slightly mangled in Houston!

Is it too early to call for the heads of erstwhile architects Ted Thompson and weasel Mike McCarthy?

Well, I say it’s never too early, though changes mid-season almost never work anyway.

If this current performance is the net result of a rebuilding effort combined with a token effort to obtain any decent talent via free agency (most notably during Favre’s last few seasons with the Pack) then I say bring in one of the many super talented former head coaches who are currently unemployed.  You have to wonder what former Broncos mastermind, Mike Shanahan could do with this lot.

Aaron Kampman is ultra-wasted in a 3-4 defence, and why the Pack decided to make the switch is a mystery.  Yes, perhaps they have been a bit better in run defence, but they’ve opened up the skies for the passing game.  You can literally see Charles Woodson and Al Harris getting frustrated, this isn’t a good fit for their physical state of play.

What I’d give to see the 1995-1997 Green Bay defence on the field once more…  They who did not require the 3-4, with big Gilbert Brown plugging the line of scrimmage – what a sight!

So where are we at?  Well, today Green Bay lost to a winless team led by a rookie quarterback making his debut.  Honestly, the only way this could have been worse, was giving the ‘W’ to the Lions back when they were on their amazing losing streak (kudos to the Redskins for lending them the breaking ‘W’).

It’s time for a serious change.  Things aren’t working out in real life, and the team who survives, adjusts.  Clearly the 3-4 hasn’t scared opponents, and the offense can’t rush, and can’t pass when the QB is on his back (or.. holds onto the ball too long).  Giving up 6 sacks to Tampa Bay is atrocious and must be punished.

Credit Rodgers for (until today) being able to put up solid numbers.  He is probably one of the few reasons the Pack aren’t worse (in the standings) and could use some help from his FB and the overrated Ryan Grant.

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