Well, I’m sorry, but I can’t stay silent any longer.  I’ve been a “card carrying” Packers fan for 15 years or more and even through the Ray Rhodes debacle (disaster) I don’t think I’ve ever been as frustrated as I am now. You know we want to discuss the O-line, […]

Green Bay Packers Need Change – Urgently

I’d like to apologise to those who were searching for my annual live Super Bowl blog commentary.  This year I had some pressing work engagements which meant I was unable to record my usually droll Super Bowl comments and thoughts.  I had the game on in the background to keep […]

Apologies: Live Super Bowl Commentary

  On the weekend we were at the mercy of some really terrible rugby as Australia played France to decide who could play the worst. Stay tuned for a complete review of a game which was only slightly better than South Africa vs Australia, 2006…

Coming Soon: Australia vs. France

  Match Notes: Australia vs England, Twickenham (UK) 16-11-2008 (AEST) 15-11-2008 (local)   Halftime Report   We’re at the halftime portion of the England v Australia rugby test match live from Twickenham, in the UK.    Besides being a closely contested match, and the referee not handing out a yellow […]

Rugby: Australia vs England

  Australia vs South Africa Sorry, but I turned off the television set.  The Wallabies playing South Africa in Johannesburg have probably played the worst game I’ve seen in 5 years. In the 68th minute the South Africans crossed to put the score out to 46-8.  There are no silver […]

No words..

Hi all,   Glorious news via numerous sources (Bruce M, Sean C and this blog entry) is that Channel Ten (who are so much better than Channel Seven – see my previous entries for more info) will be broadcasting the NFL in high definition this year.  Four words: bring back Don […]

NFL to hit free-to-air

  Australia vs South Africa Here’s the official report on the Wallabies’ win in South Africa on the weekend. Now it’s my turn.  As you would expect, I’m ready to give Channel Seven a serve for the horrible video quality.  If anyone else taped (or sat up to watch) the […]

Wallaby Gold in South Africa

Well, yesterday I had a chat with a few friends about organising to go and watch the Wallabies play this year during the annual Tri Nations series.  That was, until I reviewed the ticket prices!   Now, I’ve defended the pricing for a number of years, since it (can be) […]

Wallabies Tickets in 2008: Unacceptable

So, like a good fan I was following the game.  I was sending instant messages to another fan (whose responses have been blanked  for privacy).  This is an interesting account of the fourth quarter and overtime. Start of the fourth quarter: Rob Sanders says:lets just not call any stupid screensRob […]

Green Bay blows the NFC Championship at home

On the weekend I bought a new set of rollerblades so that I could blade while working in Melbourne.  My previous blades (in Sydney) were Salomon blades.   The new blades (Seba FR2) are designed as "all rounder" skates for street skating and also ramp and park skating.  They’re designed […]

New Blades in Melbourne

Ok, so when are we going to get some decent NFL coverage?   Foxtel decides to show the most boring and lame NFL games, whilst the best games are avoided?   They couldn’t possibly show the awesome Colts v Patriots game – featuring the two best teams in the league […]

Foxtel’s NFL Coverage Sucks

Overnight in Marseilles, France, the Australian Rugby Union team bowed out of the 2007 Rugby World Cup to make room for better teams. Yes, this was a pretty bittersweet blog post to have to write, but the team which has lacked cohesion throughout the year (let alone the tournament) never […]

Wallabies outgunned by ‘underdog’ English

Ignore as appropriate (IAA).   A big weekend of sport requires a big post, no?  This weekend I managed to cover the Rugby World Cup (Aus v Wales and Canada v Fiji) as well as a few NFL games (although, not many since the televised games were all pretty one […]

Obligatory Sport Post