Superbowl Commentary

** In Game Commentary **

2 min warning.  Colts have this won, folks.

Lovelock is an idiot.  Though, putting Griese in isn’t a bad idea.

Now Manning can have fun.

Another Rex Int!  My namesake, Bob Sanders!

Oh, It’s not looking good for the Bears. 

Now they have to play offense or the Colts will just run out the clock.

Will It be an Int return for a TD or not? It is a TD!

That’s why Rex shouldn’t throw the ball.  Interception! 

Bears’ defense has got to be getting tired. Colts can inject Rhodes now that Addai ‘s broken them in.

Reckon Indy’s using the same game plan on offense that they did against New England – keep the defense on the field and tire them out.  

Do you think it’s ironic that a team who plays in a dome is handling the rain better than a team who plays in an uncovered stadium?

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