Eh? No drafts?

Damn, I thought I’d written a few draft blog entries for easy posting at a later date. 
Guess what?  Nope.
Well, I’m sitting here like a deer in headlights trying to remember what I was going to blog about.  I never did finish that entry series on Agile estimations..
Well, it seems that LinkedIn (.com) is becoming rapidly more popular in Australia.  If you’ve received emails in the past month or so from old colleagues, it’s worth signing up for.  It’s been fun finding old pals from years gone by. – check it out.
Enough of the paid (not) advertising, lets talk about ReMix 07 which is the Aussie version of the Mix07 which was held in Vegas earlier this year.  I’m stuck in Sydney so I can’t make it this year, but I know most of the people doing the presentations, so I’m, likely to find out plenty later on anyway.
As a sort of compromise I’m off to a full day forum on enterprise architecture ( on Wednesday at Darling Harbour.  A few of my friends and colleagues will be there.. a shout out to David McGhee and Derek Miller just in case they’re reading.
If you’re based in Sydney and are planning to go – drop me a line – I’d be keen to line up some drinks for Wednesday afternoon.
Speaking of drinks.. (hehe) I bought a half case of Moss Wood (Margaret River, WA) 1989 Cabernet Sauvignon last week at $60/bottle (inc tax).  Happy with that – they go retail for between $80 – $110 a bottle.  To a lesser extent also bought a Mount Pleasant Maurice O’Shea 1996 Shiraz for $75 but I think I paid too much 🙁   Guess you can’t win ’em all.
Movie Newz:
Transformers the action film comes out this Thursday – a world release (Northern hemisphere lags behind us by a week or two!).  Wife and I saw the latest Fantastic Four film over the weekend and it was alright, the Silver Surfer is cool, but the rest.. needs some sort of character development, really.  Wait for DVD for that one (Jessica Alba is very nice eye candy, and is getting a little better as an actress).
<Sport>All Blacks made an impressive comeback against South Africa on the weekend making the ‘Boks look old and tired with fifteen minutes to go in the second half.  The ABs have such a strength of reserves, they will be tough to beat this year (what’s new?). 
Today’s headline (byline) news is that the Springboks plan to send an understrength team to play the remainder of their Tri Nations games in New Zealand and Australia, cheating fans of a decent contest.  The ARU is still reeling from last year’s horrendous "worst game of Rugby Union ever" fiasco (which is why I’m not going this year).
Here’s the solution: call it the bi nations and keep the nasty underhanded boks out of it 🙂  No we can’t do that, but it would be nice if there was some way to make the sods bring their first string squad instead of their training squad.

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