Transformers (2007)

Tonight Paul, wife and I went and saw Transformers, the new live action version with the CGI robots.
Where to begin….?  Firslty, congrats, Michael Bay.  This isn’t Pearl Harbor: Redux (thank the merciful heavens!) but was closer to Armageddon (which I liked, for the record).
Second thing to keep in mind.  Much like Batman Begins was to Batman (drawn from the graphic novels rather than the comics), this movie is also drawn more from the later transformers (robots in disguise, etc) and so form a closer alignment with the graphic novel genre.  In other words, the characters are there, some you’ll recognise – but visually very different.
There are some very nice touches in the film – saluting original Gen 1 fans – I’ll go into that in a later post.
Who doesn’t like Jon Voight?  I liked him a lot in this movie. 
There is also a young Aussie actress who – shock – actually sounds like an aussie!!
Decent build up to the all to suspected revelation that Autobots and Decepticons had arrived on the planet earth.  Best transformer in the entire movie – unquestionably – Optimus Prime.
I’ll stop right here.. Check back for a more decent write up.  Keep the comments coming..

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